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I started working with rope, both functional & decorative, in 1958. I had a successful brick and mortar shop in NYC in 1973 also. I then decided to do contract rope projects aboard boats & at marinas in NY, NJ & CT.

In 2012, I started raising and training German Shepherd dogs. I saw a couple of instances of their leather leashes or collars breaking or coming apart and decided to start making my own dog gear. It caught on and I have been doing that ever since.

I’ve also gotten back to my rope work in a big way. I’ve been making small boat side and bow fenders, thump mats for sailboats, side rail coverings, deck mats etc. Most of this work is adaptable to one’s home, garden, deck or cabin.

All of my work is hand-made. I use handmade cord on my smaller projects. I twist my own cotton and acrylic cord. I use cotton, synthetic, manila, hemp, sisal cord and rope.

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